Science / Chemistry / Density: Mass of a substance per unit volume. Saying 'the density of mercury is 13.55 g/cm3 ' is the same as saying 'the mass of exactly 1 cm3 of mercury is 13.55 g'.

Bone Density

Health / Fitness / Bone Density: Soundness of the bones within the body, low density can be a result of osteoporosis. MORE

Background Density

Entertainment / Photography / Background Density: Density of any selection of a negative or print on which there is no image. Also referred to as fog level. MORE

Density Altitude

Science / Weather / Density Altitude: The altitude at which a given density is found in the standard atmosphere. Used in aviation, it is computed from the station pressure at takeoff and the virtual temperature at the particular altitude MORE

Density Current

Science / Geology / Density Current: A gravity-driven flow of dense water down an underwater slope. The increased density of the water is a result of a temperature difference, increased salinity or suspended sediment load. MORE

Keyword Density

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Density: Keywords as a percentage of indexable text words. MORE

Density-Dependent Factors

Science / Marine Biology / Density-Dependent Factors: Factors, such as resource availability, that vary with population density MORE