Science / Chemistry / Diamond: A crystalline form of carbon, made of a network of covalent, tetrahedrally bound carbon atoms.

Diamond Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Diamond Frame: Tubular frame design common until World War II and derived from the bicycle layout. The engine cases often form part of the structure. In profile it resembles a diamond shape MORE


Business / Finance / Diamonds: A term used to describe the practice of cold calling, but which has negative implications as it is frequently applied to salespeople selling speculative or fraudulent investments. MORE

Diamond Muscat

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Diamond Muscat: Has synonym name C96-54. Californian selection (1989) derived from the complex parentage cross A13-2 x B2-11. This cultivar provides an early season white seedless grape, ripening around the same time MORE


Business / Taxes / Qubes: The NASDAQ Stock Market sells shares in a unit investment trust (UIT) that tracks the NASDAQ 100 Stock Index. This market capitalization weighted index includes the largest 100 companies trading on th MORE

Flow Chart

Technology / Computers / Flow Chart: A graphical representation of planned activities, operations or tasks. Usually, flow charts are used to show the progress of a certain activity. They can also be used to show the variance between spec MORE


Business / Construction / Void: Cardboard rectangular boxes that are installed between the earth (between caissons) and the concrete foundation wall. Used when expansive soils are present. MORE