Diazonium Salt

Science / Chemistry / Diazonium Salt: A diazonium salt is a compound with general form Ar-nidentn+X-, where Ar represents a substituted benzene ring and X- is a halide ion such as chloride. Diazonium salts are unstable and explosive in dry form. They are used to manufacture many different organic compounds, including azo dyes. See also diazotization.

Other Words for Salt

Salt Adjective Synonyms: (Attic) wit, Attic salt, dry humour, sarcasm
Salt Noun Synonyms: common or table salt, sodium chloride, sea salt, rock-salt
Salt Verb Synonyms: pickled, kippered, marinated, soused, corned, cured


Entertainment / Music / Saltarello: Italian 'jumping dance', often characterized by triplets in a rapid 4/4 time. MORE

Salt Water

Science / Weather / Salt Water: The water of the ocean, distinguished from fresh water by its appreciable salinity. MORE


Science / Geology / Saltation: The transport of sediment in short jumps and bounces above the stream bed or ground by a current that is not strong enough to hold the sediment in continuous suspension. (See suspension and traction f MORE