Differential Thermal Analysis (Dta)

Science / Chemistry / Differential Thermal Analysis (Dta): A technique that is often used to analyze materials that react or decompose at higher temperatures. The difference in temperature between the sample and an inert reference material is monitored as both are heated in a furnace. Phase transitions and chemical reactions taking place in the sample on heating cause the temperature difference to become larger, at temperatures that are characteristic of the sample.

Other Words for Analysis

Analysis Noun Synonyms: examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, enquiry or inquiry, dissection, assay, breakdown, division

Property Analysis

Business / Real Estate / Property Analysis: A study made to familiarize a property manager with the nature and condition of a building, its relative market position, and its estimated income and operating expenses. MORE

Qualitative Analysis

Science / Chemistry / Qualitative Analysis: A chemical analysis that detects the presence of a substance in a sample. MORE

Pro Forma Capital Structure Analysis

Business / Finance / Pro Forma Capital Structure Analysis: A method of analyzing the impact of alternative possible capital structure choices on a firm's credit statistics and reported financial results, especially to determine whether the firm will be able t MORE