Science / Chemistry / Diffraction: The ability of a wave to bend around the edges of obstacles or holes. The effect is most noticeable when the obstacle or hole is comparable to the size of the wavelength.

X-Ray Diffraction Pattern

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Diffraction Pattern: Interference patterns created by x-rays as they pass through a solid material. Studying x-ray diffraction patterns gives detailed information on the three-dimensional structure of crystals, surfaces, MORE

X-Ray Diffraction

Science / Biology / X-Ray Diffraction: Technique utilized to study atomic structure of crystalline substances by noting the patterns produced by x-rays shot through the crystal. MORE

Diffraction Grating

Entertainment / Photography / Diffraction Grating: Optical attachment that separates light into its constituent colors. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Drift: The angle between the heading of an aircraft and its Track [flight path] over the ground as affected by winds. MORE


Science / Weather / Corona: A pastel halo around the moon or sun created by the diffraction of water droplets. The droplets in the cloud, such as cirrostratus, and the cloud layer itself must be almost perfectly uniform in order MORE

Thon Rings

Science / Spiders / Thon Rings: rings visible in the power spectrum of micrographs obtained by bright-field electron microscopy. These rings can be explained as the effect of the contrast transfer function, which modulates the Fouri MORE