Science / Chemistry / Dilute: Having a relatively low concentration.

Other Words for Dilute

Dilute Adjective Synonyms: water (down), thin (down or out), cut, weaken, doctor, adulterate, mitigate, lessen, diminish, decrease

Diluted Earnings Per Share

Business / Taxes / Diluted Earnings Per Share: In addition to reporting earnings per share, corporations must report diluted earnings per share. This accounts for the possiblity that all outstanding warrants and stock options are exercised, and al MORE

Fully Diluted Earnings Per Shares

Business / Finance / Fully Diluted Earnings Per Shares: An asset that has already been charged with the maximum amount of depreciation allowed by the IRS for accounting purposes. MORE

Albert Effect

Entertainment / Photography / Albert Effect: Effect that creates a reversed image. An exposed frame of film, treated with dilute chromic acid is exposed to light. Development then gives a positive image by darkening the film grains that were not MORE

Stock Solution

Entertainment / Photography / Stock Solution: Processing chemicals which may be stored in a concentrated state and diluted just before use. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Sizing: Very dilute, gluey substance used to prepare surfaces for coating by filling in pores and giving even absorbance. MORE

Working Solution

Entertainment / Photography / Working Solution: Is a liquid chemical that has been mixed and diluted for use. MORE