Divalent Cation

Science / Chemistry / Divalent Cation: An ion with a charge of +2.


Science / Chemistry / Divalent: Binds to two other things (which may be other atoms, molecules, ions, or electrons). See also divalent anion and divalent cation. MORE

Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA): A trade group representing PCS, SMR, private radio and other wireless users and carriers. MORE


Science / Biology / Ossification: The process by which embryonic cartilage is replaced with bone. MORE

Personal Communications Service (PCS)

Technology / Cell Phones / Personal Communications Service (PCS): A second-generation digital voice, messaging and data cell phone system in the 2GHz range. PCS is supported mostly by GSM. PCS systems use a different radio frequency (1.9 GHz band) than cellular phon MORE

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Personal Identification Number (PIN): A code used by a mobile telephone number in conjunction with an SIM card to complete a call. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Personification: A trope in which abstractions, animals, ideas, and inanimate objects are given human character, traits, abilities, or reactions. Personification is particularly common in poetry, but it appears in nea MORE