Science / Chemistry / Edta: A polydentate ligand that tightly complexes certain metal ions. EDTA is used as a blood preservative by complexing free calcium ion (which promotes blood clotting). EDTA's ability to bind to lead ions makes it useful as an antidote for lead poisoning.


Science / Chemistry / Chelate: A stable complex of a metal with one or more polydentate ligands. For example, calcium complexes with EDTA to form a chelate. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Polydentate: A ligand that has more than one atom that coordinates directly to the central atom in a complex. Polydentate ligands are called chelating agents when two or more coordinating atoms are attached to the MORE

Complexometric Titration

Science / Chemistry / Complexometric Titration: A titration based on a reaction between a ligand and a metal ion to form a complex. For example, free Ca2+ in milk powder can be determined by titrating a milk powder sample with EDTA solution, which MORE