Electric Dipole Moment

Science / Chemistry / Electric Dipole Moment: A measure of the degree of polarity of a polar molecule. Dipole moment is a vector with magnitude equal to charge separation times the distance between the centers of positive and negative charges. Chemists point the vector from the positive to the negative pole; physicists point it the opposite way. Dipole moments are often expressed in units called Debyes.

Other Words for Electric

Electric Verb Synonyms: charged, tense, energized, stimulating, exciting, thrilling, galvanizing, electrifying, moving, stirring

Other Words for Moment

Moment Noun Synonyms: importance, weight, consequence, significance, import, gravity, seriousness, prominence, concern, note, interest, consideration
Moment Verb Synonyms: instant, second, minute, half a second, two seconds, flash, twinkling, blink or wink of an eye, twinkling of an eye, trice, jiffy, shake, two shakes (of a lamb's tail), before you can say 'Jack Robinson'

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Momentum Indicators

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