Electron Affinity

Science / Chemistry / Electron Affinity: The enthalpy change for the addition of one electron to an atom or ion in the gaseous state. For example, the electron affinity of hydrogen is deltah in the reaction H(g) + e- rightarrow H-(g)deltah = -73 kj/mol.

Other Words for Affinity

Affinity Noun Synonyms: relationship, kinship, closeness, alliance, connection, sympathy, rapport

Electronic Shock Protection (ESP)

Technology / Home Audio / Electronic Shock Protection (ESP): An electronic circuit that stores the audio data stream from a CD or MD in a memory buffer. If the laser pick-up mistracks, audio still flows from the buffer preventing an interruption. MORE

Electronic Serial Number (ESN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Electronic Serial Number (ESN): The unique identification number embedded in a wireless phone by the manufacturer. Each time a call is placed, the ESN is automatically transmitted to the base station so the wireless carrier's mobile MORE

Electronic Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Electronic Shutter: Shutter system timed by electronic rather than mechanical means. MORE

Electronic Support (ES)

Technology / Radar / Electronic Support (ES): Electronic support aims to gain sufficient information about radar sensors to allow an understanding of the radar’s characteristics including its role, its method of operation, and its strengths and MORE

Electronic Ticket

Life Style / Travel / Electronic Ticket: A ' paperless ' airline ticket allowing one to check-in and fly with just proper photo id. What may look like a ticket is actually just a paper passenger receipt. E-tickets cannot be lost, or used by MORE

Electronic Protection (EP)

Technology / Radar / Electronic Protection (EP): Electronic protection (ep) aims to ensure continued friendly use of the electromagnetic spectrum despite adversary ea and es. MORE