Electron Volt

Science / Chemistry / Electron Volt: Energy required to move an electron through a potential difference of 1 volt. An electron volt is equivalent to 1.6×10-19 J.

Electron Energy

Science / Spiders / Electron Energy: the energy of an electron accelerated from its rest energy by a voltage U is given by eU. For example, electrons impinging on the specimen in an electron microscope operated at 100 kV have the energy MORE

Low Voltage Differential (LVD)

Technology / Computers / Low Voltage Differential (LVD): A differential logic scheme using lower voltage levels than HVD. MORE

Kirchoffs Voltage Law (KVL)

Technology / Home Audio / Kirchoffs Voltage Law (KVL): A law stating stating that the voltage supplied to a DC circuit must equal the sum of the voltage drops within the circuit . MORE

Peasants Revolt

Entertainment / Literature / Peasants Revolt: Also known as Wat Tyler's Rebellion, this uprising occurred in 1387 when lower-class Londoners and workers from the surrounding areas, fed up with repressive government measures such as the Labor Stat MORE


Science / Chemistry / Photoelectron: An electron ejected from an atom or molecule that has absorbed a photon. MORE

Scanning Electron Microscope

Entertainment / Photography / Scanning Electron Microscope: Device used in photomicrography. MORE