Element Symbol

Science / Chemistry / Element Symbol: An international abbreviation for element names, usually consisting of the first one or two distinctive letters in element name. Some symbols are abbreviations for ancient names.

Other Words for Element

Element Adjective Synonyms: component, constituent, ingredient, essential, fundamental, part, unit, piece, segment, feature, factor, detail, particular
Element Noun Synonyms: environment, atmosphere, situation, locale, territory, sphere, habitat, medium, domain

Other Words for Symbol

Symbol Adjective Synonyms: representation, figure, metaphor, allegory, insigne (singular, plural is insignia), token, sign, emblem, badge, image, logotype, mark, trade mark, colophon, brand, code, abbreviation, phonogram, initialism, cryptogram, acronym, monogram, password, shibbol

Symbolic Sign (Symbol)

Technology / Television (TV) / Symbolic Sign (Symbol): In semiotics, a type of sign in which the signifier and the signified are connected solely through cultural convention. For example, Christianity (a signified) represented by a cross (signifier) or Ju MORE

Symbolic Word

Entertainment / Literature / Symbolic Word: In linguistics, this is a new word created because it sounds similar to another word with strong semantic associations. Algeo lists examples such as gleam, glitter, gloom, and glow, where the gl- sugg MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Symbolism: Frequent use of words, places, characters, or objects that mean something beyond what they are on a literal level. Often the symbol may be ambiguous in meaning. When multiple objects or characters eac MORE

Symbolist Movement

Life Style / Poetry / Symbolist Movement: Late 19th-century french writers, including mallarmé and valéry, whose verse dealt with transcendental phenomena or with images and actions whose meaning was associative rather than referential. MORE

Symbolic Character

Entertainment / Literature / Symbolic Character: Symbolic characters are characters whose primary literary function is symbolic, even though the character may retain normal or realistic qualities. For instance, in Ellison's Invisible Man, the charac MORE

Symbol Book Special

Business / Finance / Symbol Book Special: Letters used to identify companies on the consolidated tape and other locations. MORE