Science / Chemistry / Energy: Energy is an abstract property associated with the capacity to do work.

Other Words for Energy

Energy Verb Synonyms: vitality, forcefulness, vivacity, liveliness, vigor, animation, spirit, force, dynamism, drive, verve, dash, intensity, power, determination, puissance, strength, might, pep, vim and vigor, stick-to-it-iveness, get-up-and-go, zip, zing

Activation Energy

Science / Chemistry / Activation Energy: (Ea) The minimum energy required to convert reactants into products; the difference between the energies of the activated complex and the reactants. MORE

Energy Flow Balancing

Health / Massage / Energy Flow Balancing: This gentle treatment assists clients in balancing their energy flow. Therapists hold a space for clients to make whatever shifts or changes toward balance they deem necessary. Emphasis is given to th MORE

Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)

Business / Real Estate / Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM): A home mortgage in which the qualifying debt-to-income and housing expense-to-income ratios have been increased by 2% because the home meets or exceeds model standards for energy efficiency. MORE

Human Energy Dynamics

Health / Massage / Human Energy Dynamics: This therapy, though similar to reiki, uses the English language instead of symbols. It involves setting up and normalizing polarities, as well as bringing universal energy into structures of the body MORE

Ionization Energy (IE)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Ionization Energy (IE): The energy required to remove the outermost electron from an atom or a positive ion in its ground level. The table lists only the first IE in eV units. To convert to kJ/mol multiply by 96.4869. Refere MORE

Kinetic Energy

Science / Chemistry / Kinetic Energy: The energy an object possesses by virtue of its motion. An object of mass m moving at velocity v has a kinetic energy of ??mv2. MORE