Environmental Chemistry

Science / Chemistry / Environmental Chemistry: The study of natural and man-made substances in the environment, including the detection, monitoring, transport, and chemical transformation of chemical substances in air, water, and soil.


Science / Chemistry / Geochemistry: The study of materials and chemical reactions in rocks, minerals, magma, seawater, and soil. MORE

Inorganic Chemistry

Science / Chemistry / Inorganic Chemistry: The study of inorganic compounds, specifically their structure, reactions, catalysis, and mechanism of action. MORE

Medicinal Chemistry

Science / Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry: A branch of chemistry concerned with the discovery, design, synthesis, and investigation of biologically active compounds and reactions that these compounds undergo in living things. MORE

Environmental Writings

Entertainment / Literature / Environmental Writings: Writings focused on nature or man's relationship to nature, especially the transcendental essays and meditations of Thoreau and Emerson in the nineteenth century and the ecological writings of Barry L MORE

Environmental Stress

Science / Marine Biology / Environmental Stress: Variously defined as (a) an environmental change to which an organism cannot acclimate and (b) an environmental change that increases the probability of death MORE

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

Business / Agriculture / Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP): A program created by the FAIR Act of 1996 to provide primarily cost-sharing assistance, but also technical and educational assistance, aimed at reducing soil, water, and related natural resource probl MORE