Science / Chemistry / Equivalent: 1. The amount of substance that gains or loses one mole of electrons in a redox reaction. 2. The amount of substances that releases or accepts one mole of hydrogen ions in a neutralization reaction. 3. The amount of electrolyte that carries one mole of positive or negative charge, for example, 1 mole of Ba2+(aq) is 2 equivalents of Ba2+(aq).

Other Words for Equivalent

Equivalent Noun Synonyms: match, equal, peer, counterpart, twin
Equivalent Adjective Synonyms: tantamount, commensurate, alike, similar, close, comparable, corresponding, interchangeable, equal, synonymous, of a piece or a kind

Equivalent Focal Length

Entertainment / Photography / Equivalent Focal Length: Distance in a lens between the front nodal point and the focal plane when the lens is set to focus a subject at infinity. In a telephoto lens the equivalent focal length is shorter than the back focus MORE

Milk Equivalent

Business / Agriculture / Milk Equivalent: A measure of the quantity of fluid milk used in a processed dairy product, usually expressed on a milkfat basis. For example, one pound of cheese is the equivalent of 9.88 pounds of milk. MORE

Bond-Equivalent Basis

Business / Finance / Bond-Equivalent Basis: The method used for computing the bond-equivalent yield. MORE