Science / Chemistry / Ester: An ester is a compound formed from an acid and an alcohol. In esters of carboxylic acids, the -COOH group and the -OH group lose a water and become a -COO- linkage: R-COOH + R'-OH = R-COO-R' + H2O where R and R' represent organic groups.


Entertainment / Literature / Western: A literary and cinematic genre marked by numerous conventions. The usual setting is a short main street in a dust-blown frontier village of the American west during the 1800s. Traditionally, the prota MORE


Health / Fitness / Cholesterol: A fat lipid which has both good and bad implications within the human body. Good being known as HDL and bad being LDL. Bad cholesterol is associated with heart disease and stroke, whereas the body req MORE

Pfiesteria Piscicida

Business / Agriculture / Pfiesteria Piscicida: A microbe that has been linked to massive fish kills in Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina. Some scientists believe pfiesteria’s growth is fostered by nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus fr MORE


Life Style / College / Semester: A period of time, usually about fifteen weeks, during which a post-secondary school is in session. In semestered schools, most courses last just one semester and students must register at the school e MORE


Science / Weather / Westerlies: Usually applied to the broad patterns of persistent winds with a westerly component. It is the dominant persistent atmospheric motion, centered over the midlatitudes of each hemisphere. Near the earth MORE

Winchester Manuscript

Entertainment / Literature / Winchester Manuscript: A handwritten book or manuscript by two scribes containing the text of Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. Librarian Walter Oakeshott discovered the text in 1934. It had been locked in a safe in the Warden's MORE