Science / Chemistry / Ethanol: A colorless, flammable liquid produced by fermentation of sugars. Ethanol is the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages.


Business / Agriculture / Methanol: A liquid alcohol (also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol), formed in the destructive distillation of wood or made synthetically, and used especially as an alternative fuel, a gasoline additive, MORE

Coal Liquefaction

Science / Geology / Coal Liquefaction: The process of converting solid coal into a liquid fuel such as synthetic crude oil or methanol. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Methyl: A group -CH3, derived from methane. For example, CH3Cl is 'methyl chloride' (systematic name: chloromethane); CH3OH is 'methyl alcohol' (systematic name: methanol). MORE


Science / Chemistry / Azeotrope: A solution that does not change composition when distilled. For example, if a 95% (w/w) ethanol solution in water is boilled, the vapor produced also is 95% ethanol- and it is not possible to obtain h MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Everclear: In the United States, Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol (ethanol), available at concentrations of 95% alcohol (190 proof) and 75.5% (151 proof). MORE


Science / Chemistry / Alkoxide: (RO- M+) alkoxide ion. An ionic compound formed by removal of hydrogen ions from the hydroxyl group in an alcohol using reactive metals, e. G. Sodium. For example, potassium metal reacts with methanol MORE