Science / Chemistry / Ethyl: A molecular fragment produced by removing a hydrogen atom from ethane (CH3-CH3). For example, ethyl chloride is CH3-CH2-Cl.

Methylacetylene Propadiene

Business / Machine Shop / Methylacetylene Propadiene: A family of alternative fuel gases that are mixtures of two or more gases (propane, butane, butadiene, methylacetylene and propadiene). Methylacetylene propadiene is used for oxyfuel cutting, heating, MORE


Science / Chemistry / Methyl: A group -CH3, derived from methane. For example, CH3Cl is 'methyl chloride' (systematic name: chloromethane); CH3OH is 'methyl alcohol' (systematic name: methanol). MORE


Science / Genetics / Methylation: Addition of a methyl group (-ch3) to dna or rna. MORE

Methylmalonic Acidemia

Science / Genetics / Methylmalonic Acidemia: A group of conditions characterized by the inability to metabolize methylmalonic acid or by a defect in the metabolism of vitamin b12. MORE

Methyl Bromide

Business / Agriculture / Methyl Bromide: A fumigant used for soil treatment, to control pests in postharvest storage, for killing pests on fruits, vegetables, and grain going into export trade, for plant quarantine treatment, and for fumigat MORE

Ethyl Acetate

Science / Chemistry / Ethyl Acetate: A flammable liquid with a fruity odor, used in flavorings and as a solvent. MORE