Eutectic Point

Science / Chemistry / Eutectic Point: The composition and the melting point of a eutectic mixture. For example, the eutectic point of a mixture of nacl and water occurs at 23.3% nacl (by mass) and -21.1°C. That means that the lowest possible temperature at which a liquid nacl solution can exist is -21.1°C; below the eutectic point the solution will freeze into a mixture of ice and salt crystals.

Other Words for Point

Point Noun Synonyms: spot, place, stage, position, site, station, location, locale
Point Adjective Synonyms: dot, mark, speck, (full) stop, period, decimal point

Point Source Pollution

Business / Agriculture / Point Source Pollution: Pollutants that are discharged or emitted from discrete 'point' sources, such as pipes and smokestacks. Both the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act focus control requirements on point sources and b MORE

Point to Point Protocol (PPP)

Technology / Computers / Point to Point Protocol (PPP): It's a software application that allows an attachment to a server. MORE

Point Source Lamp

Entertainment / Photography / Point Source Lamp: Arc type lamp producing light from a small gap between two carbon rods. MORE