Science / Chemistry / Extraction: A technique for separating components in a mixture that have different solubilities. For example, caffeine can be separated from coffee beans by washing the beans with supercritical fluid carbon dioxide; the caffeine dissolves in the carbon dioxide but flavor compounds do not. Vanillin can be extracted from vanilla beans by shaking the beans with an organic solvent, like ethanol.

Other Words for Extraction

Extraction Noun Synonyms: removal, extrication, withdrawal, uprooting, eradication, extirpation, deracination

Solvent Extraction

Science / Chemistry / Solvent Extraction: Solvent extraction is a method for separating mixtures by exploiting differences in the solubilities of the components. For example, a coffee machine extracts the soluble components of ground coffee w MORE


Life Style / Wine / Cryo-Extraction: A process whereby grapes are frozen in order to extract ice, thereby concentrating the sugars, flavours and other components that remain. MORE


Science / Weather / Dust: Small particles of earth or other matter suspended in the air. It is reported as 'DU' in an observation and for wide spread dust on the METAR. MORE