Fractional Distillation

Science / Chemistry / Fractional Distillation: A technique for separation of liquid mixtures by distillation that uses a tower attached to a flask containing the mixture to perform multiple distillations. Vapor moving up the column condenses on packing material inside the column, trickles down the column, and again vaporises. The more volatile component can then be drawn off at the top of the component, while the less volatile component remains at the bottom.

Fractional Section

Business / Real Estate / Fractional Section: A parcel of land less than 160 acres, usually found at the edge of a rectangular survey. Undersized or oversized sections are classified as fractional sections. Fractional sections may occur for a num MORE

Fractional Share

Business / Finance / Fractional Share: A type of order that gives the broker discretion to alter the price, up or down, within a specific fractional range in order to guarantee an execution. MORE

Fractional-Horsepower Motor

Technology / Motors / Fractional-Horsepower Motor: A motor usually built in a frame smaller than that having a continuous rating of one horsepower, open construction, at 1700 -1800 rpm. Within NEMA frame sizes FHP encompasses the 42, 48 and 56 frames. MORE