Science / Chemistry / Gel: A gell is a sol in which the solid particles fuse or entangle to produce a rigid or semirigid mixture. For example, gelatin dissolved in water produces a sol of protein molecules. When the gelatin is cooked, the protein chains entangle and crosslink, forming a gel which is a mesh of solid protein with trapped pockets of liquid inside. Fruit jellies are also gels

Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA)

Business / Agriculture / Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA): P.L. 95-514 (October 25, 1978) defines the current grazing fee formula and establishes rangeland monitoring and inventory procedures for Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service rangelands. The Na MORE


Science / Biology / Dinoflagellates: Single-celled to colonial protistans characterized by two flagella, one girdling the cell and the other trailing the cell. Some dinoflagellates exist in coral, in a symbiotic relationship. These dinof MORE


Business / Finance / Angel: An investment-grade bond. Antithesis to fallen angel. In the context of venture capital, the first investor. MORE