Science / Chemistry / Gram: A metric unit of mass, equal to 1/1000 of a kilogram. Kilograms are the base SI units for mass, not grams.

Commodity Promotion Programs

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Promotion Programs: Programs that advertise and promote an agricultural commodity or product without reference to the specific farmer, brand name, or manufacturer. Producers can and do organize voluntary commodity promot MORE

Commodity Assistance Program

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Assistance Program: A title often used to refer to a variety of domestic programs receiving food in the form of USDA supplied commodities. It was formalized in FY1996 appropriations law (P.L. 104-37, October 21, 1995) fo MORE

Concurrent Programs

Life Style / College / Concurrent Programs: Two simultaneous programs being studied at the same time, resulting in two credentials; for example, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. MORE

Mentor Program

Business / Real Estate / Mentor Program: A training program in a real estate office wherein newly-hired agents assist successful, knowledgeable salespersons for a period of time. MORE

Mohair Recourse Loan Program

Business / Agriculture / Mohair Recourse Loan Program: A program authorized by the emergency provisions of the FY1999 USDA appropriations act (P.L. 105-277, October 21, 1998) that makes interest-free recourse loans of $2.00 per pound on mohair produced pr MORE

Flood Risk Reduction Program

Business / Agriculture / Flood Risk Reduction Program: Provides for contracts for producers on farms that have contract acreage under Title I of the FAIR Act of 1996 that are frequently flooded. Individuals can receive up to 95% of transition payments and MORE