Science / Chemistry / Graphite: An amorphous form of carbon, made of carbon atoms bound hexagonally in sheets (like chickenwire).

Carpenters Pencil

Life Style / Painting / Carpenters Pencil: A graphite pencil that features a flat ovoid wooden grip surrounding a wide graphite core capable of creating chiseled thick and thin pencil lines. Used for sketching and drawing. Must be hand sharpen MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Racquet: A bat with a long handle and a large looped frame with a string mesh tautly stretched across it, the frame made of wood, metal, graphite, composite, or some other synthetic material, used by a tennis MORE

Ebony Pencil

Life Style / Painting / Ebony Pencil: A drawing pencil that features a thick core of graphite formulated to be very black and smooth. Capable of a wide tonal range with rich darks. For sketching and drawing. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Pencil: Graphite wooden jacketed pencils as are known today date from the end of the 17th century when there was a prosperous British business in the north country and when, as Sir John Pettus commented, 'Bla MORE


Life Style / Painting / Roulette: A small-toothed wheel set in a handle that can be used for working on a metal plate. A second use is for helping to transfer a large cartoon to a wall, a canvas or a panel. The roulette is run along t MORE


Business / Construction / Nozzle: The part of a heating system that sprays the fuel of fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber. MORE