Half Life

Science / Chemistry / Half Life: The half life of a reaction is the time required for the amount of reactant to drop to one half its initial value.

Other Words for Life

Life Noun Synonyms: existence, living, way of life, lifestyle
Life Verb Synonyms: existence, entity, being, sentience, viability


Science / Biology / Half-Life: The time required for one-half of an original unstable radioactive element to be converted to a more stable daughter element. MORE

Lifetime Maximum Benefit

Health / Health Insurance / Lifetime Maximum Benefit: (or Maximum Lifetime Benefit) the maximum amount a health plan will pay in benefits to an insured individual during that individual's lifetime. MORE

Lifetime Learning Credit

Business / Taxes / Lifetime Learning Credit: You may qualify to claim a lifetime learning tax credit of up to $2,000 each year for qualified higher educational expenses for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent if your family’s modified adjust MORE


Health / Fitness / Lifestyle: Individual patterns of your typical life. MORE

Lifestream Massage Technique

Health / Massage / Lifestream Massage Technique: This method of bodywork was developed to fulfill a need for the busy massage therapist, especially those working in resorts, spas, and health clubs. Students learn a one-hour, full-body massage that p MORE

Lifestyle Walking

Health / Fitness / Lifestyle Walking: A casual walking technique that is low to moderate intensity and relatively slow paced. Most lifestyle walkers walk an average of 2.5 to 3.5 miles per hour, which means that they walk about 1 mile eve MORE