Science / Chemistry / Halide: A compound or ion containing fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, or astatine.

Acid Halide

Science / Chemistry / Acid Halide: Acid chloride; acyl halide; acyl chloride. Compounds containing a carbonyl group bound to a halogen atom. MORE

Alkyl Halide

Science / Chemistry / Alkyl Halide: An alkyl group attached to a halogen atom. MORE

Silver Halides

Entertainment / Photography / Silver Halides: Light sensitive crystals used in photographic emulsions, i.e. Silver bromide, silver chloride and silver iodide. The change from white to black metallic silver when exposed to light. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Restrainer: Chemical constituent of developing solutions which helps prevent reducing agents from affecting unexposed halides and converting them to black metallic silver. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Graininess: Clumps of silver halide crystals in the emulsion which are visible to the human eye because of spaces between the crystals. MORE


Science / Geology / Development: The work done on a mineral property before mineral production begins on a commercial scale. MORE