Science / Chemistry / Heat: Heat is a transfer of energy that occurs when objects with different temperatures are placed into contact. Heat is a process, not a property of a material.

Other Words for Heat

Heat Noun Synonyms: warm (up)
Heat Adjective Synonyms: warmth, warmness, hotness, fever, fieriness, torridity or torridness

Epic Theater

Technology / Television (TV) / Epic Theater: Brechtian theory of theatrical presentation in which the viewer is alienated from the character. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Cheat: Though originally a code or sequence of button presses that would allow players to skip levels, or achieve invincibility, the term 'cheat' has become a common term to describe any kind of assistance o MORE

Latent Heat

Science / Chemistry / Latent Heat: Heat that is absorbed without causing a rise in temperature. For example, 'latent heat of vaporization' refers to the amount of heat required to convert a liquid to vapor at a particular temperature. MORE

Heat Sink

Technology / Computers / Heat Sink: A component designed to lower the temperature of an electronic device by dissipating heat into the surrounding air. All modern CPUs require a heat sink. Some also require a fan. A heat sink without a MORE

Theatrical Film

Technology / Television (TV) / Theatrical Film: Films originally designed to be shown in theaters, as opposed to made-for-TV films (mows). MORE

Heating Load

Business / Construction / Heating Load: The amount of heating required to keep a building at a specified temperature during the winter, usually 65° F, regardless of outside temperature. MORE