Hesss Law

Science / Chemistry / Hesss Law: The heat released or absorbed by a process is the same no matter how many steps the process takes. For example, given a reaction A rightarrow B, Hess's law says that deltah for the reaction is the same whether the reaction is written as A rightarrow C rightarrow B or as A rightarrow B. This is the same as writing that deltah(A rightarrow B) = deltah(A rightarrow C) + deltah(C rightarrow B).

Other Words for Law

Law Verb Synonyms: rule, regulation, ordinance, statute, act, enactment, by-law, measure, edict, decree, order, directive, injunction, command, commandment, canon, mandate, ukase
Law Noun Synonyms: principle, proposition, theory, theorem, formula, axiom, deduction, corollary, postulate, conclusion, inference

Ohms Law

Technology / Home Audio / Ohms Law: The mathematical relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. It is named after George Ohm, it's discoverer. Ohm's law states that current volume in a conductor is directly proportional to t MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Outlaw: An individual determined by a council vote to be an outlaw at a thing or an althing was considered outside the normal bounds of kinship relations in Iceland. He was considered outside the law (hence t MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Mother-In-Law: Usually the 7-pin, because it's often the pin that remains standing to spoil what looked like a good strike hit; sometimes synonymous with barmaid. MORE