Science / Chemistry / Homogeneous: Having uniform properties or composition.

Other Words for Homogeneous

Homogeneous Adjective Synonyms: uniform, consistent, unvarying, identical, constant, similar, comparable, alike, akin

Homogeneous Mixture

Science / Chemistry / Homogeneous Mixture: A sample of matter consisting of more than one pure substance with properties that do not vary within the sample. MORE

Homogeneous Expectations Assumption

Business / Finance / Homogeneous Expectations Assumption: Exhibiting a high degree of homogeneity. MORE

Vertically Homogeneous Estuary

Science / Marine Biology / Vertically Homogeneous Estuary: An estuary in which, at any given location, wind or tidal mixing homogenizes salinity throughout the water column MORE


Entertainment / Music / Woodwind: The woodwind family is less homogeneous in construction and sound production than the strings: it includes the piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet and bassoon. The saxophone is a more recent MORE


Science / Chemistry / Solubility: The solubility of a substance is its concentration in a saturated solution. Substances with solubilities much less than 1 g/100 ml of solvent are usually considered insoluble. The solubility is someti MORE

Three-Dimensional Projection Matching

Science / Spiders / Three-Dimensional Projection Matching: a method of refinement in reconstructing single particles from their projections [Penczek et al., 1994]. A preliminary 3D map, obtained by random-conical reconstruction or angular reconstitution, is u MORE