Science / Chemistry / Hydrate: A hydrate is an addition compound that contains water in weak chemical combination with another compound. For example, crystals of cuso4?ยท5 H2O (copper sulfate pentahydrate) are made of regularly repeating units, each containing 5 molecules of water weakly bound to a copper(II) ion and a sulfate ion.


Science / Chemistry / Carbohydrate: A class of organic compounds including sugars and starches. The name comes from the fact that many (but not all) carbohydrates have empirical formula CH2O. MORE

Carbohydrate Loading

Health / Fitness / Carbohydrate Loading: Increase consumption of carbohydrates in liquid or food form normally three days prior to an endurance type event. MORE

Complex Carbohydrate

Health / Vitamins / Complex Carbohydrate: Carbohydrates such as starch and cellulose that contain more than ten linked glucose units. MORE