Ideal Solution

Science / Chemistry / Ideal Solution: All molecules in an 'ideal solution' interact in exactly the same way; the solvent-solvent, solvent-solute, and solute-solute intermolecular forces are all equivalent. Ideal solutions obey Raoult's law exactly. Real solutions behave ideally only when they are very dilute.

Other Words for Ideal

Ideal Noun Synonyms: model, paragon, standard, criterion, paradigm, exemplar, pattern, example, epitome

Other Words for Solution

Solution Adjective Synonyms: dissolving, dissolution, mixing, mixture
Solution Adverb Synonyms: mixture, blend, compound, infusion, liquid, fluid, emulsion, suspension, colloid or colloidal solution or colloidal suspension
Solution Noun Synonyms: solving, working or figuring out, discovery, finding out, unravelling, explication, deciphering, decipherment, elucidation, revelation, clarification, explanation, answer, key

Resolution In Bearing

Technology / Radar / Resolution In Bearing: The ability to display multiple objects individually that are closely spaced at the same range. Shorter pulse lengths increase resolution MORE

Resolution In Range

Technology / Radar / Resolution In Range: The ability to display multiple objects individually that are closely spaced at the same bearing. Smaller horizontal beam width increases resolution. MORE

Resolution Trust Corporation

Business / Real Estate / Resolution Trust Corporation: The organization created by FIRREA to liquidate the assets of failed savings and loan associations. MORE

Resolution Funding Corporation (Refcorp)

Business / Finance / Resolution Funding Corporation (Refcorp): A government agency established by Congress in 1989 to issue bailout bonds and raise funds for the activities of the Resolution Trust Corporation, as well as to administer struggling institutions inhe MORE


Science / Biology / Resolution: In relation to microscopes, the ability to view adjacent objects as distinct structures. MORE

Percentage Solution

Entertainment / Photography / Percentage Solution: Solution containing a given quantity of a dissolved substance in a stated volume of solvent. MORE