Incomplete Combustion

Science / Chemistry / Incomplete Combustion: A combustion reaction or process that does not convert all of the fuel's carbon and hydrogen into carbon dioxide and water, respectively. For example, incomplete combustion of carbon produces carbon monoxide.

Other Words for Incomplete

Incomplete Noun Synonyms: unfinished, undone, imperfect, undeveloped, deficient, defective, unaccomplished, partial, sketchy, crude, rough, fragmentary, fragmented, piecemeal

Incomplete Fracture

Health / First Aid / Incomplete Fracture: Incomplete fractures are common in kids and are known as greenstick fractures. MORE

Incomplete Flower

Science / Biology / Incomplete Flower: Condition in which one or more typical flower parts are absent. Example: grass flowers such as corn tassels which are male. MORE

Incomplete Octet

Science / Chemistry / Incomplete Octet: 1. An atom with less than eight electrons in its valence shell. 2. An atom with less than eight total bonding and nonbonding electrons in a Lewis structure, for example, B in BH3 has an incomplete oct MORE

Incomplete Pass

Entertainment / Football / Incomplete Pass: A forward pass that touches the ground before being caught. MORE

Incomplete Proteins

Health / Fitness / Incomplete Proteins: Proteins which are low in one or more of the essential amino acids. MORE

Incomplete Penetrance

Science / Genetics / Incomplete Penetrance: The gene for a condition is present, but not obviously expressed in all individuals in a family with the gene. MORE