Infrared Radiation

Science / Chemistry / Infrared Radiation: Electromagnetic radiation with wavelength longer than visible light but shorter than that of microwaves. Infrared radiation is produced by hot objects; absorption of infrared radiation causes chemical bonds to vibrate.

Other Words for Radiation

Radiation Adjective Synonyms: emission, emanation, diffusion, dispersal, shedding

Infrared Spectroscopy

Science / Chemistry / Infrared Spectroscopy: A technique for determining the structure (and sometimes concentration) of molecules by observing how infrared radiation is absorbed by a sample. MORE


Technology / Computers / Infrared: A light that is so red that it is not viewable to the naked eye. It uses this invisible beam of light to transmit a pre-programmed 'line-of-sight' signal to certain electronic components. Its typical MORE

Electromagnetic Radiation

Technology / Cell Phones / Electromagnetic Radiation: Waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving together through space. Also called electromagnetic energy. MORE

Radiation Fog

Science / Weather / Radiation Fog: Fog that is created when radiational cooling at the earth's surface lowers the temperature of the air near the ground to or below its dew point. Formation is best when there is a shallow surface layer MORE

Adaptive Radiation

Science / Biology / Adaptive Radiation: The development of a variety of species from a single ancestral form; occurs when a new habitat becomes available to a population. Evolutionary pattern of divergence of a great many taxa from a common MORE

Radiation Hybrid

Science / Genetics / Radiation Hybrid: A hybrid cell containing small fragments of irradiated human chromosomes. Maps of irradiation sites on chromosomes for the human, rat, mouse, and other genomes provide important markers, allowing the MORE