Integral Enthalpy Of Solution

Science / Chemistry / Integral Enthalpy Of Solution: The heat absorbed or released when a solute is dissolved in a definite amount of solvent. The heat of solution depends on the nature of the solute and on its concentration in the final solution. The integral heat of solution when one mole of solute is added to an infinite amount of solvent is sometimes written as deltahinfty, soln.

Other Words for Integral

Integral Adjective Synonyms: basic, elementary, elemental, fundamental, essential, intrinsic

Other Words for Solution

Solution Adjective Synonyms: dissolving, dissolution, mixing, mixture
Solution Adverb Synonyms: mixture, blend, compound, infusion, liquid, fluid, emulsion, suspension, colloid or colloidal solution or colloidal suspension
Solution Noun Synonyms: solving, working or figuring out, discovery, finding out, unravelling, explication, deciphering, decipherment, elucidation, revelation, clarification, explanation, answer, key

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