Science / Chemistry / Intermediate: A highly reactive substance that forms and then reacts further during the conversion of reactants to products in a chemical reaction. Intermediates never appear as products in the chemical equation for a net chemical reaction.

Other Words for Intermediate

Intermediate Noun Synonyms: middle, in-between, medial, midway, halfway, transitional, intervening, intermediary

Intermediate Theory

Business / Real Estate / Intermediate Theory: Some states have adopted an intermediate theory of mortgage based on the principles of title theory, but requiring the mortgagee (lender) to foreclose to obtain legal title as is necessary in lien the MORE

Intermediate-Term Bond

Business / Taxes / Intermediate-Term Bond: Intermediate-term bonds mature in two to ten years from the date of issue. Typically, the interest on these bonds is greater than that on short-term bonds of similar quality but less than that on comp MORE

Intermediate Agricultural Products

Business / Agriculture / Intermediate Agricultural Products: Generally refers to agricultural products that have a higher per-unit value than bulk commodities: they are often partly processed but not necessarily ready for the consumers. Examples might include s MORE

Intermediate Rock

Science / Geology / Intermediate Rock: An igneous rock that has an intermediate silica content. Examples are syenite and diorite. Also see entries for acidic, basic and ultrabasic rocks. MORE

Intermediate Coat

Life Style / Painting / Intermediate Coat: The coating between the primer and finish often called a barrier coat. MORE

Federal Intermediate Credit Bank

Business / Finance / Federal Intermediate Credit Bank: U.S. government agency chartered in 1989 to assume the responsibilities formerly held by the Federal Home Loan Bank system. MORE