Science / Chemistry / Joule: The SI unit of energy, equal to the work required to move a 1 kg mass against an opposing force of 1 newton. 1 J = 1 kg m2 s-2 = 4.184 calories.

Kilojoule (Kj)

Health / Vitamins / Kilojoule (Kj): A measurement of the energy in food. 1 calorie is equal to 4.2 kilojoules. MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Geopotential: The unit of geopotential difference, equal to the gravity potential of 1 meter squared per second squared, m2 / s2, or 1 joule per kilogram, J / kg. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Watt-Second: Is an alternative unit of energy, equal to the joule. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Power: The rate at which energy is supplied. Power has define[SI] units of J/s, sometimes called 'Watts' (W). MORE


Science / Chemistry / Volt: The SI unit of electrical potential. One volt equals one joule per coulomb. MORE

Sound Power

Technology / Home Audio / Sound Power: The total amount of acoustical energy produced by a sound source and measured in Joules per second. The degree to which this measurement is constant( or linear)with respect to frequency, is an index o MORE