Science / Chemistry / Kelvin: The SI base unit of temperature, defined by assigning 273.16 K to the temperature at which steam, ice, and water are at equilibrium (called the triple point of water). The freezing point of water is 273.15 K.

Kelvin Temperature Scale

Science / Weather / Kelvin Temperature Scale: A temperature scale with the freezing point of +273°K (Kelvin) and the boiling point of +373° K. It is used primarily for scientific purposes. Also known as the Absolute Temperature Scale. Proposed MORE

Kelvin (K)

Entertainment / Photography / Kelvin (K): Unit of measurement on the absolute temperature scale, used to describe the color content of continuous spectrum light sources. MORE

Absolute Temperature Scale

Science / Weather / Absolute Temperature Scale: A temperature scale with a freezing point of +273°K (Kelvin) and a boiling point of +373°K. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Mired: Is an abbreviation for the term micro reciprocal degrees, a scale of measurement of color temperature. The mired value of a light source is calculated by dividing 1,000,000 by its color temperature in MORE


Science / Chemistry / Thermometer: An instrument for measuring temperature. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photolamp: Tungsten filament photographic lamp with a large diffused bulb, giving light of 3200 k (kelvin). MORE