Science / Chemistry / Kw: Symbol for the autoprotolysis constant for water, equal to 1.01 × 10-14 at 25°C.


Life Style / Wine / Backward: A tasting term. Wines described as backward are undeveloped and not ready to drink. They are often young and tannic, and may also be described as austere. The opposite, unsurprisingly, of forward! MORE

Compressed Workweek

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Compressed Workweek: An alternative scheduling method that allows employees to work a standard workweek over less than a five-day period in one week or a 10-day period in two weeks. MORE

Backward Pass

Entertainment / Football / Backward Pass: A pass thrown to the side or backward. Also called 'onside pass' in Canadian football. There is no limit to the number of backward passes or where they may be thrown from. Sometimes incorrectly referr MORE

Rockwell Hardness Test

Business / Machine Shop / Rockwell Hardness Test: The most common hardness testing method. This procedure uses a minor load to prevent surface irregularities from affecting results. There are nine different Rockwell hardness tests corresponding to co MORE


Health / Tai Chi / kwa: The area between the leg and the groin, containing 56 lymph nodes. The kwa folds and unfolds constantly in Tai chi movement. MORE


Life Style / Holiday / Kwanzaa: A professor, Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga, wanted to encourage African Americans to celebrate their heritage so he started Kwanzaa in California in 1966. Traditionally beginning December 26, families excha MORE