Science / Chemistry / Law: Natural laws summarize patterns that recur in a large amount of data. Unlike human laws, natural laws don't forbid or permit; they describe.

Other Words for Law

Law Verb Synonyms: rule, regulation, ordinance, statute, act, enactment, by-law, measure, edict, decree, order, directive, injunction, command, commandment, canon, mandate, ukase
Law Noun Synonyms: principle, proposition, theory, theorem, formula, axiom, deduction, corollary, postulate, conclusion, inference

First Law

Science / Chemistry / First Law: The first law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Many equivalent statements are possible, including: Internal energy changes depend only on the initial and final states of the system, MORE

Hesss Law

Science / Chemistry / Hesss Law: The heat released or absorbed by a process is the same no matter how many steps the process takes. For example, given a reaction A rightarrow B, Hess's law says that deltah for the reaction is the sam MORE

Beers Law

Science / Chemistry / Beers Law: (A=abc or A=epsilonbc) Beer-Lambert law. In absorption spectroscopy, the absorbance of a dilute solution is equal to its absorptivity times the path length times the concentration of the absorbing sol MORE

Second Law

Science / Chemistry / Second Law: The second law states that every spontaneous process causes a net increase in the entropy of the universe. Many alternative statements are possible, including: Heat cannot be converted to work via an MORE

Daltons Law

Science / Chemistry / Daltons Law: Dalton's law of partial pressure. The total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is the sum of the pressures that each gas would exert if it were alone. For example, if dry oxygen gas at 713 torr is MORE

Henrys Law

Science / Chemistry / Henrys Law: Henry's law predicts that the solubility (C) of a gas or volatile substance in a liquid is proportional to the partial pressure (P) of the substance over the liquid: P = k C where k is called the Henr MORE