Low Spin Complex

Science / Chemistry / Low Spin Complex: A metal-ligand complex with fewer unpaired electrons than the uncomplexed metal ion. When a strong ligand complexes the metal ion, the crystal field splitting is large and some electrons pair rather than occupying the higher energy d orbitals.

Other Words for Low

Low Adjective Synonyms: short, squat, little, small, stubby, stumpy, stunted, low-lying

Other Words for Spin

Spin Verb Synonyms: revolve, turn, rotate, gyrate, twirl, whirl, twist, reel, pirouette, pivot

New High-New Low

Business / Finance / New High-New Low: A stock valued at its highest or lowest price in the last year. MORE

Neutral Spine

Health / Pilates / Neutral Spine: A balanced spine that maintains its natural curves. Pilates encourages you to identify and achieve your neutral spine. A misaligned spine causes compensating muscles to work too hard, which can result MORE

Negative Cash Flow

Business / Finance / Negative Cash Flow: Occurs when spending in a business is greater than earnings. MORE

New Low-Profile eXtended (NLX)

Technology / Computers / New Low-Profile eXtended (NLX): The NLX form factor features a number of improvements over the previous design LPX form factor and began heavy usage in late 1997. The popularity of the design was confirmed by massive design use in 1 MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Nofollow: Attribute used to prevent a link from passing link authority. Commonly used on sites with user generated content, like in blog comments. Google's Matt Cutts also pushes webmasters to use nofollow on a MORE

Oedipus Complex

Science / Psychiatry / Oedipus Complex: Attachment of the child to the parent of the opposite sex, accompanied by envious and aggressive feelings toward the parent of the same sex. These feelings are largely repressed (i.e., made unconsciou MORE