Main Group Elements

Science / Chemistry / Main Group Elements: Elements of the s and p blocks.

Other Words for Elements

Elements Noun Synonyms: (adverse or unfavourable) weather, climatic conditions

Other Words for Group

Group Adjective Synonyms: assembly, assemblage, gathering, congregation, company, number, alliance, union, association, organization, league, society, coterie, clique, set, band, circle, club, party, body, faction, crowd, team, corps, guild, troupe, unit, troop, platoon, squad
Group Noun Synonyms: batch, aggregation, set, grouping, collection, assemblage, bunch, accumulation, conglomeration, agglomeration, assortment, series, pile, heap, bundle

Other Words for Main

Main Verb Synonyms: chief, primary, prime, (most) important, principal, cardinal, paramount, first, foremost, leading, pre-eminent, predominant, predominating, dominant, ranking, major, outstanding
Main Adjective Synonyms: necessary, essential, basic, particular, fundamental, critical, crucial, vital

Minimum Maintenance

Business / Finance / Minimum Maintenance: The lowest required equity level that must be held with a broker in a margin account. See: Margin call. MORE

Monophyletic Group

Science / Biology / Monophyletic Group: A group of organisms descended from a common ancestor. For example: your immediate family may be considered such a group, being descended from a common ancestral group (grandparents, etc.). MORE

Marriage Group

Entertainment / Literature / Marriage Group: A term coined by George L. Kittredge in 1912 to describe a specific set of stories in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The marriage group includes 'The Wife of Bath's Tale,' 'The Clerk's Tale,' 'The Mercha MORE

Maintenance Medication

Health / Dentistry / Maintenance Medication: Medications that are prescribed for long-term treatment of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma. Maintenance medications are available through Tel-Drug Rx, CIGNA's mail MORE

Maintenance Manual

Technology / Aviation / Maintenance Manual: A manual produced by the manufacturer of an aircraft, aircraft engine, or component that details the approved methods of maintenance. MORE

Maintenance Margin Requirement

Business / Finance / Maintenance Margin Requirement: A sum, usually smaller than but part of the original margin, that must be maintained on deposit at all times. If a customer's equity in any futures position drops to or below, the maintenance margin l MORE