Science / Chemistry / Matter: Matter is anything that has mass. Air, water, coffee, fire, human beings, and stars are matter. Light, X-rays, photons, gravitons, information, and love aren't matter.

Other Words for Matter

Matter Adjective Synonyms: material, substance, stuff, sum and substance
Matter Noun Synonyms: problem, difficulty, trouble, complication, worry, upset, dilemma, quandary, enigma, puzzle

State Of Matter

Science / Chemistry / State Of Matter: There are three common states of matter: gases, liquids, and solids. States of matter differ in the way the molecules are arranged at the molecular level, but not in the structure of the molecules the MORE

Matter Cycling

Science / Biology / Matter Cycling: The fiow of matter through various organisms and the physical environment of an ecosystem. MORE

Subject Matter Expert

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Subject Matter Expert: An individual who has expertise in a business process or specific area. MORE

Particulate Organic Matter

Science / Marine Biology / Particulate Organic Matter: Particulate material in the sea derived from the decomposition of the nonmineral constituents of living organisms MORE

Dissolved Organic Matter

Science / Marine Biology / Dissolved Organic Matter: Dissolved molecules derived from degradation of dead organisms or excretion of molecules synthesized by organisms MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Detrivore: An organism that feeds on large bits of dead and decaying organic matter. What detrivores leave behind is used by decomposers. Crabs and seabirds are examples of detrivores. Compare decomposer; see al MORE