Science / Chemistry / Measurement: Measurement is the collection of quantitative data. Measurement involves comparison of the quantity of interest with a standard called a unit. The comparison is never perfect. As a result, measurements always include error. You must consider the reliability of the measurement when using it to make decisions or estimate other quantities.

Other Words for Measurement

Measurement Adjective Synonyms: measuring, reckoning, gauging or gaging, ascertainment, determination, assessment, estimation, appraisal, evaluation, valuation, judgment, calculation, computation, mensuration, commensuration, metage

Monetary Measurement

Business / Accounting / Monetary Measurement: The idea that money, as the common medium of exchange, is the accounting unit of measurement, and that only economic activities measurable in monetary terms are included in the accounting model. MORE

Rapport Measurement

Science / Astrology / Rapport Measurement: From the French, literally related measurement; applied to progressions based on advancing a planet's natal position one degree for each year after birth. MORE

Tree Measurement Sales

Business / Agriculture / Tree Measurement Sales: A timber sale where purchasers pay the total bid value (the estimated timber volume times the stumpage price) regardless of the volume of timber actually removed. MORE