Science / Chemistry / Meter: The meter is the basic unit of length in the SI system of units, defined as the distance light travels through a vacuum in exactly 1/299792458 seconds. 1 m = 39.37 inches. Meters are abbreviated as 'm' in measurements.

Sapphic Meter

Entertainment / Literature / Sapphic Meter: Typically, this meter is found in quatrains in which the first three lines consist of eleven syllables and the fourth line contains five. The metrical pattern is as follows in the first three lines: ( MORE

Free Meter

Entertainment / Literature / Free Meter: Not to be confused with free verse, free meter refers to a type of Welsh poetry in which the meters do not correspond to the 'strict meters' established in the 1400s. Cf. Free verse, strict meter, awd MORE

Trochaic Meter

Entertainment / Literature / Trochaic Meter: Poetry in which each foot consists primarily of trochees (poetic feet consisting of a heavy stress followed by a light stress). See extended discussion under trochee and meter. MORE

Hallelujah Meter

Entertainment / Literature / Hallelujah Meter: Verse written in stanzas with each stanza containing six iambic lines, four trimeter lines, and two tetrameter lines--commonly appearing in English hymns. MORE

Qualitative Meter

Entertainment / Literature / Qualitative Meter: Meter that relies on patterns of heavily stress syllables and lightly stressed meters. In English, most poems are qualitative in nature. This contrasts with quantitative meter (below), which was commo MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pentameter: When poetry consists of five feet in each line, it is written in pentameter. Each foot has a set number of syllables. Iambs, spondees, and trochees are feet consisting of two syllables. Thus, iambic p MORE