Mother Liquor

Science / Chemistry / Mother Liquor: The solution in recrystallization.

Other Words for Liquor

Liquor Adjective Synonyms: spirits, alcohol, (strong) drink, intoxicants, John Barleycorn, schnapps, whisky or and Irish whiskey, demon rum, moonshine, white lightning, white mule, booze, pick-me-up, hard stuff, fire-water, juice, mother's ruin (= 'gin'), Kickapoo m

Other Words for Mother

Mother Verb Synonyms: dam, materfamilias, (female) parent, formal or jocular mater, progenitrix, matriarch, ma, old lady, old woman, mummy, mum, mom, mommy, mama, mamma, maw, mammy, mam
Mother Noun Synonyms: nourisher, nurturer, nurse
Mother Adjective Synonyms: pamper, baby, coddle, spoil, indulge, fuss over, overprotect

Newborns And Mothers Health Protection Act (NMHPA)

Health / Health Insurance / Newborns And Mothers Health Protection Act (NMHPA): A federal law which mandates that coverage for hospital stays for childbirth cannot generally be less than 48 hours for normal deliveries or 96 hours for cesarean births. MORE

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

Health / Herbs / Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca): Antispasm, nervine hepatic, cardiac tonic, hypotensive. The latin names of this plant show its range of uses from delayed menstrual due to anxiety and uterine conditions while cardiaca indicates its u MORE

Mothers Day

Life Style / Holiday / Mothers Day: Mother's Day is a little over 100 years old. It started after the American Civil War in the early 1860s, when Julia Ward Howe launched a Mother's Day for Peace. The first Mother's Day for peace was he MORE

Newborns And Mothers Health Protection Act (NMHPA) Of 1996

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Newborns And Mothers Health Protection Act (NMHPA) Of 1996: Requires a minimum length of hospital confinement in conjunction with childbirth. This requirement applies to health plans and health insurance companies that provide hospital stays for childbirth in MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Smother: A shot that either doesn't leave the ground or flies very lowly because the clubface contacted the ball in a position that was much to closed and hooded (delofted) MORE

Surrogate Mother

Life Style / Adoption / Surrogate Mother: A woman who carries another woman's child by pre-arrangement or by legal contract. MORE