Science / Chemistry / Nonpolar: Having a relatively even or symmetrical distribution of charge.

Nonpolar Molecule

Science / Chemistry / Nonpolar Molecule: A molecule in which the center of positive charge and the center of negative charge coincide. Examples are ccl4 and CO2; counterexamples are chcl3 and H2O. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Leucine: A naturally occuring aliphatic amino acid with a nonpolar side chain. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Isoleucine: A naturally occuring amino acid with a nonpolar side chain. MORE

Polar Molecule

Science / Chemistry / Polar Molecule: An asymmetric molecule containing polar bonds. H2O, NH3, and hcl are examples of polar molecules. Non-examples are CO2, ccl4, and bcl3 which contain polar bonds but are nonpolar because they have symm MORE

Solvent Extraction

Science / Chemistry / Solvent Extraction: Solvent extraction is a method for separating mixtures by exploiting differences in the solubilities of the components. For example, a coffee machine extracts the soluble components of ground coffee w MORE


Science / Biology / Hydrophobic: Water-fearing.Term applied to nonpolar molecules that cannot bond with water. MORE