Nuclear Fission

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Fission: Splitting of a nucleus into two smaller nuclei and neutrons. The smaller nuclei have higher binding energy than the original nucleus, and fission results in the release of energy.

Other Words for Nuclear

Nuclear Noun Synonyms: atomic

Nuclear Reactor

Science / Geology / Nuclear Reactor: A facility where a nuclear fission chain reaction can be initiated, controlled, and sustained. MORE

Nuclear Pores

Science / Biology / Nuclear Pores: Openings in the membrane of a cells nuclear envelope that allow the exchange of materials between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. MORE

Nuclear Fusion

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Fusion: Combination of two smaller nuclei to form a larger nucleus. The larger nucleus has higher binding energy per nucleon than the original nuclei, and fusion results in the release of energy. MORE

Nuclear Transfer

Science / Genetics / Nuclear Transfer: A laboratory procedure in which a cell's nucleus is removed and placed into an oocyte with its own nucleus removed so the genetic information from the donor nucleus controls the resulting cell. Such c MORE

Thermonuclear Reaction

Science / Geology / Thermonuclear Reaction: A reaction in which atomic nuclei fuse into new elements with a large release of heat: especially a reaction that is self-sustaining. Occasionally used to include fission reactions as well. MORE

Nuclear Fuel

Science / Geology / Nuclear Fuel: Fissionable materials that are rich enough to sustain a fission chain reaction. MORE