Nuclide Symbol

Science / Chemistry / Nuclide Symbol: A symbol for an nuclide that contains the mass number as a leading superscript and the atomic number as a leading subscript. For ions, the ionic charge is given as a trailing superscript. For example, the nuclide symbol for the most common form of the chloride ion is 3517Cl-, where 35 is the mass number, 17 is the atomic number, and the charge on the ion is -1. The atomic number is sometimes omitted from nuclide symbols.

Other Words for Symbol

Symbol Adjective Synonyms: representation, figure, metaphor, allegory, insigne (singular, plural is insignia), token, sign, emblem, badge, image, logotype, mark, trade mark, colophon, brand, code, abbreviation, phonogram, initialism, cryptogram, acronym, monogram, password, shibbol

Symbolic Word

Entertainment / Literature / Symbolic Word: In linguistics, this is a new word created because it sounds similar to another word with strong semantic associations. Algeo lists examples such as gleam, glitter, gloom, and glow, where the gl- sugg MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Symbolism: Frequent use of words, places, characters, or objects that mean something beyond what they are on a literal level. Often the symbol may be ambiguous in meaning. When multiple objects or characters eac MORE

Symbolic Sign (Symbol)

Technology / Television (TV) / Symbolic Sign (Symbol): In semiotics, a type of sign in which the signifier and the signified are connected solely through cultural convention. For example, Christianity (a signified) represented by a cross (signifier) or Ju MORE