Optical Activity

Science / Chemistry / Optical Activity: A substance that is capable of rotating plane-polarized light. Molecules of an optically active substance cannot be superimposed on their own mirror images, just as your left hand cannot be superimposed on your right when both are held palm-down.

Other Words for Activity

Activity Noun Synonyms: action, movement, motion, vigor, vim, energy, liveliness, bustle

Optical Wedge

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Wedge: Is a strip of material, clear at one end and gradually increasing in opacity, which is used to determine the effect of light intensities on sensitized materials. MORE

Optical Sensitizing

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Sensitizing: Is a method of increasing a films sensitivity by the use of dyes. MORE

Optical Glass

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Glass: Is used for manufacturing lenses and prisms. It is specially manufactured to be free of defects and distortion, and to withstand heat and humidity. Each type f optical glass is classified according to MORE

Optical Zoom

Technology / Digital Cameras / Optical Zoom: The ability to magnify a subject for close-ups, by adjusting the camera's lens assembly (thus the name 'optical'). Most current digital cameras include an optical zoom lens of some kind. The amount of MORE

Passive Activity Loss (PAL)

Business / Finance / Passive Activity Loss (PAL): A loss incurred in participating in passive investing. MORE

Weekly Activity Report

Business / Real Estate / Weekly Activity Report: A weekly written report given to an owner by a listing broker reviewing the sales activities conducted by the broker to sell the listed property. MORE