Science / Chemistry / Oxide: A binary compound that contains oxygen in the -2 oxidation state.


Science / Chemistry / Alkoxide: (RO- M+) alkoxide ion. An ionic compound formed by removal of hydrogen ions from the hydroxyl group in an alcohol using reactive metals, e. G. Sodium. For example, potassium metal reacts with methanol MORE

Magnesium Oxide Crystals

Health / Vitamins / Magnesium Oxide Crystals: Chemical compound with crystalline structure used in abrasive treatments of the skin for dead skin cells removal and wrinkle removal and rejuvenation, unlike aluminum oxide crystals, magnesium oxide i MORE


Science / Chemistry / Hydroxide: 1. The OH- ion. 2. Compounds containing the OH- ion. See also: hydroxide compounds. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Superoxide: A binary compound containing oxygen in the -½ oxidation state. For example, KO2 is potassium superoxide, an ionic compound containing the superoxide ion, O2-. MORE

Aluminum Oxide (Poly Crystal)

Health / Dentistry / Aluminum Oxide (Poly Crystal): A fused AL203 biocompatible material. MORE

Carbon Dioxide

Science / Chemistry / Carbon Dioxide: (CO_2) A colorless, odorless gas produced by respiration and combustion of carbon-containing fuels. MORE